Garden Boxes with Dovetail Corners

These garden boxes with dovetail corners for raised beds  are made of fresh-cut local Vermont Hemlock. Typically they are about 30 inches wide and 8 feet in length. They can be sized for your location. I have found that they will last six to eight years or more in a wet setting. The simple dove …

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Colonial Built-In Bookcase Cabinets

This colonial built-in bookcase cabinets unit is designed to live in a special antique house where it serves as a bookcase and office organizer. Built from local poplar, it is hand-planed and painted to match the existing woodwork in the room. There are a lot of moldings, bead work and ‘saw-tooth’ shelf supports.

Built-In Blanket Chest and Window Seat

This built-in blanket chest and window seat are fitted into the dormer area of a bed room. It is constructed of Douglas Fir to match the Douglas Fir timber frame the house is built around while the interior is lined with aromatic cedar.

Wrap Around Mahogany Mantel with Copper Trim

This wrap around mahogany mantel with copper trim was truly an arts and crafts project. It is a yoke shaped mahogany mantel with copper and clario walnut decoration and the wrap around design creates a wide shelf  on three sides of the stone fireplace.

Artistic Glass Geometric Dining Table

This Artistic Glass Geometric Dining Table is a modern designed dining table featuring three glass inserts for the top that were custom-made with the texture and look of ice. They show off the floor beneath the table by projecting the light from the fixture above. Corners are mitered joints pinned with Mahogany dowels. Mahogany used …

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Carved Apple Blossom Mirror Frame from Apple Wood

Carved Apple Blossom Mirror Frame An interesting project came my way this winter. A gentleman called interested in a carved apple blossom mirror frame made of apple wood with carved apple blossoms. I put out a call to my comrades in the Vermont Furniture Makers Guild and quickly sourced a couple of apple wood planks. …

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