Carved Apple Blossom Mirror Frame from Apple Wood

Carved Apple Blossom Mirror Frame

An interesting project came my way this winter. A gentleman called interested in a carved apple blossom mirror frame made of apple wood with carved apple blossoms. I put out a call to my comrades in the Vermont Furniture Makers Guild and quickly sourced a couple of apple wood planks.

Soon the client and I established a glass size and frame size for the project and I worked out a design with my cad program.

Next step was to find the frame parts in the milled apple wood lumber I used the transition between the dark ‘hart wood’ and the light ‘sap wood’ as a guide.

I transferred the blossom images with good old carbon paper and started carving.


After the carving I laid on several light coats of shellac and a glaze that popped the carving lines. After the top coats of finish were cured I mounted the bevel edged mirror. View the finished frame and all the photos included here full size in the slide show below.

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