Artistic Bathroom Vanity of Mahogany and Soapstone

Mahogany Vanity Base

Mahogany Vanity Base

This artistic bathroom vanity of mahogany and soapstone was made to present a hand-cast bronze bowel. It has a heavy soapstone top, two drawers with carved pulls, thick strong legs, an open slat towel shelf.

I designed and built this vanity base from a rough sketch the clients gave me.  They had an idea as a starting point for the piece. We worked together and produced this design with two deep working drawers, a faux middle drawer to allow plumbing space and an open shelf on the bottom for a towel supply. 

The base elements are joined with mortice & tenon construction giving a solid base for the heavy soap stone top and cast bronze bowl. The working drawers are constructed with hand-cut dovetails adorned with carved wenge pulls.


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